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Veronica Alderman / Empty Mic Stand

1. What first inspired you to create? and going forward with your creative outlet, what motivates you to keep up with it?

· Growing older and dealing with my mental health, creating has helped me have a sense of purpose. One time a therapist told me to let my emotions out through my fingertips. I pick up a lot of different mediums because of that. I've always been drawn to the arts and i really enjoy how i can express myself and let go. I enjoy how every new piece is my favorite, so seeing the potential of what i could do next really motivates me to continue to create.

2. What have you been up to during quarantine? Have you been creating more or less than before; and how has that impacted your sales?

· During quarantine i got a handful of plants and have been hanging out with my cats! I learned how to preserve mushrooms and i also beat Stardew Valley lol. I've been creating a bit more than usual and experimenting with different mediums and i believe it's working in my favor.

3. Out of all your releases, which of them holds the most meaning to you and why?

· I really like a handful of my creations, but i have a piece called "I Don't Fucking Care Anymore" that is a bit abstract and the largest canvas i have worked on. When i was painting it i just kept saying the title over and over again and it helped me realize a lot. At first i didn't understand what my vulnerable state of mind was telling me, but looking back on the piece i can see things in it that i didn't before and in turn makes me feel a handful of emotions. It's a piece where i allowed myself to feel everything and that's why its my favorite.

4. What does it mean to you to be a female creative in your field? How do you feel you are represented?

· Being feminine in a creative field doesn't make me feel any different. I wake up, exist, and create in different ways everyday. Creating is my lifestyle and honing in and not rejecting my energy or emotions helps me to create things my heart feels good about. I believe being authentic, kind, and respectful can help people achieve their dreams and represents them and me at the fullest. If you judge someone off of their outer shell you personally have some work to do yourself.

5. What's your Go-To cereal?

· I don't eat cereal much anymore, but if i were to buy some i would get Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

6. What have been some of your favorite music releases of 2020? Any artists readers should check out?

· I cannot stop listening to Grimes and her newest album Miss Anthropocene, as well as Hayley Williams new creative project Petals for Armor. Both of these females really hold a special place in my heart and are my inspirations. Every morning i listen to Grimes song Genesis and GOSH its so beautiful.

7. Anyone you'd like to promote and give some love to?

· These are some creators that i love

@creatorshydoe @beneeart @thegnargoyle_ @rranchdubois