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Poor Timing

1. What first inspired you to create? and going forward with your creative outlet, what motivates you to keep up with it? Natalie: Honestly, I’ve always struggled with my sense of self. I was constantly interrogated by other people about my gender and left on the outskirts of close and comfortable friendships. Sometimes I felt the only person I truly had was myself and in that I found poetry to be one of the few things I didn’t feel pressured in. When my sister passed away, I wrote my first song and sang it at her memorial service when I was 9. Throughout that grieving process, I was able to acknowledge the importance of being comfortable with what I had to say and emotions I had to express.I would say the friends I’ve made through this shared interest really motivate me to keep pursuing it. I am forever grateful for them.
Jacob: 1. Growing up I never was good at sports and I never really fit in with that crowd of kids. My dad introduced me to punk at the time that’s what inspired me to create music. Punk came from an honest feeling, raw, and a lot of times fueled by politics. As I grew into the scene and learned more about the politics that drives this country I become more inspired to attempt writing music that’s personal but still comes from a place that everyone can understand.
Kenzo: I was first inspired to write my own music after going to some of my first local shows when I was a teenager. I’m motivated by the challenge of writing music, and the enjoyment I think all three of us feel when we’re in the stu together.
2. What have you been up to during quarantine? Have you been creating more or less than before; and how has that impacted your sales? Natalie: During quarantine I've been reading a lot more and exploring the ways I can use my platform to share meaningful information and ideas to help make a difference in the communities around me. I have been creating a bit less as I try to navigate the world we live in with more consideration for others. i’ve never cared about sales; i just want to put out music with my friends and make some memories.
Jacob: I’ve been working a lot in the salon, going out to protest every time I can, and learning a lot about making different kinds of music. I just love making music.
3. Out of all your releases, which of them holds the most meaning to you and why? Natalie: I love Dads a lot. That song has changed and grown so much since our band formed and it reminds me that we are people who don’t like to sit still and love exploring different ideas.
Jacob: I’m pretty new to the band and haven’t been able to record with them yet but I love comfier! And I’m really excited to record the new music we’ve been jamming together! Kenzo: My favorite release is Dads from 2016. It reminds me of the summer when me and Natalie first started hanging out and writing together. Plus I think the song came out really well.
4. What does it mean to you to be a female creative in your field? How do you feel you are represented? Natalie: For a while I didn't really know what it meant. I wanted to be a part of the community in any way I knew how. After a couple years, a few important conversations, and enlightening experiences, I realized there weren’t many people performing that looked like me and that in itself was hard to swallow. Being an openly queer woman in music definitely has it’s challenges, but with each tribulation, I am met with an astounding amount of support from the loving friends I’ve made throughout this DIY endeavor. So, now instead of being a woman in music, I’ve made the effort of trying to make it all more gender neutral feeling for myself in order to not feel like I am less than compared to my male counterparts. Within the past two years I have seen more female involvement through touring, local shows, and social media outreach than I’ve ever thought. I love how big of a part queerness plays in DIY, I never expected to be able to find myself in that way through something like this. I really appreciate all that LDA for the female creatives. It’s inspiring.
5. What's your Go-To cereal? Natalie: Golden Grahams, 100%. Jacob: Pop’s or Churro Twists Kenzo: Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch (duh)
6. What have been some of your favorite music releases of 2020? Any artists readers should check out? Natalie: One release I’ve been bumping lately is Blac-Man by The Color 8, a multi-genre rap/ heavy metal/R&B band. There’s also a new groovy mixtape out by Bobbing that is super great for chill-time tunes! We’ve got Ashnikko’s new release called Daisy that is just mental! I throw on Crying and awful lot as well.
Jacob: I’ve really been enjoying Crack Cloud, Young Jesus, and Moses Sumney
7. Anyone you'd like to promote and give some love to?
Natalie: So much love always to Chase Petra, It’s Butter, Meet Me at The Altar, Pool Kids, and Rest Ashore; all of which are female fronted/female powered [rock] bands. These individuals inspire me constantly to keep learning and keep persisting with my creative interests. Kenzo: Listen to Gromit and Scalp.